17 December 2008

Honey, mind if I dismantle the coffee table?

This guy over at Instructables lowered his coffee table, added a storage tray, and best of all, installed cantilever hinges!

Yes, I'll talk to Trophy Wife about this before I break out the wrecker bar...

Blind Welding in Malawi

This article from Make is awesome on so many levels. First off, he's using an improvised welder that runs straight off the shop AC power. Second, he's doing it blind. No goggles? No problem! He touches the ground to the bike crank, then closes his eyes and strokes the pedal joint with the electrode.

At some point recently, my perspective shifted. If I had seen this article last year, I would have just seen some welder using makeshift equipment in a third world country. Now I see some amazing improvisation. Huh.

16 December 2008

Say bye-bye to Delicious links in my feed

I signed up for Feedburner a while back, and included a little feature that adds any sites I tag in Delicious to my RSS feed. I realized (after looking at my Facebook profile, which doesn't happen often) that it made for a messy and probably annoying feed, so I turned it off.

And unless I hear anyone say, "but Eric, I do so love to see what's been striking your webfancy every fricking day!", they're outta my feed for good. You can always find them in Delicious if you so choose.

A Little Offline Reading

Amazon is having a sale on magazine subscriptions, and over a hundred of 'em are $20 or less.

Yeah, you could read a lot of this online, but it's good to have some print once in a while. Laptops are so unwieldy in the bathroom ;)

Goodies include:

That last one was for you, honey ;)

09 December 2008

I want one.

Too bad they don't have any stores anywhere other than California, though a NY store is planned for first quarter 2009.