03 June 2008

Because the World Needs Yet One More Blog

Yup, it's 2008 and I'm finally starting a real live blog. Well, it's not live, but you get the idea.

With any luck, I can keep this thing relatively random and interesting at the same time. If not, it will at the very least serve as a Twitter-on-steroids to update family, friends, and cyberstalkers on my life.

And, while this blog won't be quite as polished as that of my stunning trophy wife (pictured at left--she's the one with the most hair), I'll do my best to maintain a modicum of grammar and spelling skills. When I'm not abusing the rules on purpose, that is.

Oh yeah, you might be wondering what topics to expect in this little exercise in narcissism. Will this be a nice focused blog, where you know you can go for the latest and greatest on, say, alternative energy, cycling, or politics? Hell, no! I'm gonna write whatever I dang well please. It might be a blurted non sequitur or an essay (but plan on the former). It might be about any of the above topics, or just whatever happens to catch my fancy, float my boat, or make me laugh/cry/spit.

What's up with the title of my blog, you ask? Well, thank you very much for asking. It's just one of those little things that stuck in my head (e.g., tryptophan is why warm milk makes you sleepy), that someone once said about the value of good cornering technique on a motorcycle: "Smoothness promotes aging."

Words to live by, indeed.


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