27 January 2009

New Mootian Ambassador

So, my parents were visiting last Thanksgiving, and so I asked Mom for some pointers on sewing a new shield cover and sash for Darkon. Wouldn't ya know it, but it somehow turned into a "could you do it for me?" So, being the nice Mommy she is, she took my patterns & material off to Arizona this winter, and made 'em! I'm really happy with it.
Of course, it helps that I had a cute model.
For those of you unfamiliar with Darkon, it's a live action roleplaying/combat game originally based on 1st Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Basically, an excuse to dress in funny garb and beat on people with foam weapons. Anyway, I'm in a country called Moot, and yes, that broccoli dude is our symbol. Specifically, he's a 30-foot tall raging broccoli named Tirade. No, we're not silly. At all.
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